Freshly Roasted Coffees

Long before the roasting process, each type of coffee bean has a unique story and profile. Coffee varieties have many distinguishing flavors and qualities that stem from their origin, elevation, growing conditions, method of drying or washing, and much more. After being harvested, a cherry or the fruit which contains the beans is dried or washed and the bean or “coffee” as we know it is left in a green raw form. It is after this process that raw coffee is bagged and exported. Hello Larsons green or raw coffee is purchased directly from Café Imports in Roseville, MN. View their site here:
BC-15 Coffee Roaster
Hello Larsons uses a BC-15 roaster to roast all of their fresh beans powered by natural gas and electricity. 
To begin the process, raw or green coffee is weighed, and placed in a holding chamber on the BC Roaster. The roaster must reach optimal temperature before the beans are released into the drum. As the batch begins, the beans are heated in a rotating drum that has constant airflow. The process and temperature are monitored throughout each batch 10-15 minute batch. 
During each roast, there is a popping sound that occurs called first crack. In a simplified explanation, this lets us know the coffee is “done.” First crack signifies that the beans have released enough moisture, a suitable temperature has been reached, and the coffee is consumable. At this stage, the coffee would be considered a light roast. If the batch continues to roast, it will become darker, more uniform in color, and is called a medium roast. Second crack occurs after a few more minutes of roasting and a distinguished crackling sound occurs. If the beans reach the second crack stage, they are considered a dark roast also known as full-city. 
After roasting, the beans are removed from the drum and released onto a rotating cooling tray. Shortly after cooling, the beans are ground or left whole and packaged. Subtle flavor additives can be added to ground coffees right before packaging. *Many other terms are used to describe these processes, but this is a quick overview of the coffee bean roasting process.
Hello Larsons coffee can be picked-up locally at the drive thru 7 days a week or shipped within a few days of roasting.
Coffee is meant to be enjoyed FRESH!