The Larsons


Tim and Krista Larson own and operate Hello Larsons Coffee Roastery out of a small shop in small town Volga, South Dakota. They have just recently become a family of four who love coffee and all it has to offer. They fell in love with coffee and each other in Plymouth, MN, but couldn’t stay away from Krista’s hometown for long. They have lived in Volga since 2016 and have been experimenting with the idea of growing their love of coffee into a business since late 2018.
We wanted to bring fresh local coffee to our small town and provide it to any and all that would like it shipped. There’s nothing quite like having coffee directly after it has been roasted. Just Imagine the aroma!
Coffee drinking is a normal part of much of the population’s daily routine; however, many do not know when or where their coffee was roasted. Coffee’s time clock starts to tick as soon as it’s done roasting. We want to drastically change the quality of your daily coffee consumption. Having coffee right after roasting can change the game. You might just get hooked!